Perfect Pictures- Unbelieveable photographer!

I cannot rave enough about what a phenomenal photographer Lam is and how incredibly easy he is to be around and work with! From the very first moment we met with him, we liked him – he was so kind and really listened to everything we were saying, everything we wanted. The day of the wedding was just as easy – he was there early, and because of his naturally unobtrusive presence, put everyone at ease so we could take lots of pictures- some serious, some silly, just about everything!

When we first saw the pictures online, I almost died because they were sooooooo perfect! Each and every one, one better than the last- he captured the biggest moments with such detail and then dozens and dozens of little moments- his pictures show such great emotion, I really could rave and rave. Actually, I did rave and rave- to him and his wife, Carmen, who was also a tremendous help on the wedding day– both of them are so incredibly kind and such unbelievable photographers.

I just want to cut and paste from the email I sent Carmen right after I saw the pictures for the first time because I think it really sums up my enthusiasm for this photographer!

Carmen & Lam, Thank you so much! They are INCREDIBLE!!! One after the other, just more and more beautiful! You guys just captured so much of everything, and the real feeling behind all of it! I can’t get over them! I’ve looked through the pictures so many times tonight- first with Alex, and then one by one on the phone with my parents! We just cannot get over how beautiful each and every one is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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