When we first booked our venue, the venue manager told us it was worthless to get a dance band because no one ever danced at daytime weddings. Apparently he wasn’t aware of Heartbeat Dance Band! Within minute, everyone was on the floor cutting a rug. Barbara took the reigns and was the coordinator the entire day, telling us where we should be and when. She treated us respectifully and we had a wonderful time. We had a wide array of people at our wedding and everyone was on the dance floor for all songs. So many people have told us that it was one of the best weddings they had been to because it was just so much fun. We know this is because of the band and their ability to get everyone moving. They learned a song for us and sang it beautifully, as well as the artist himself. They also played at our ceremony and did an amazing job at that on the classical guitar and soprano sax. Through the entire day, they were helpful and fun and went well beyond our expectations. We are thrilled we decided to go with them and they were free. Our highest recommendation and well worth the money spent. They made our day what it was – memorable, lovely and a whole lot of fun!

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