I initially hired Crystal because I thought she would be a good match for my personality. I am kinds of shy and reserved, so that was like my biggest issue with my wedding pictures. I didn’t really know how we would take pictures that really look fun with our personalities. On the wedding day I was nervous and anxious and like really emotional, so staying calm and getting good pictures that did’nt make me look jittery. The day of my wedding I gotta say It didn’t help that I was so nervous, but I didn’t help that Crystal kept me calm and at ease. Specially during the group shots after the wedding, those can be so darn nerve racking. I also want to point out that she was helpful through out the day with stuff that didn’t seem photography related at all. I appreciated that because my bridesmaid specially my maid of honor was not helpful at all. The day went great and eventually I got over being nervouss, but while I was nervous having someone there who knows what their doing was a life saver for me.


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