Nice Store Bad Service

Unfortunately, I did not have a very good experience at Dama Bianca Bridal. The place itself is brand new and beautiful. The wedding gowns that they carry in store are stunning. As for their service, I think it could use A LOT of improvement. The staff at Dama Bianca Bridal was very unprofessional and even rude at times. They were also disorganized. The seamstress is terrible! Every girl’s dress in my wedding was either too long, too short or too tight. The alteration prices cost just as much as the dress. All I could hear from my family after the wedding was over were complaints about the staff and seamstress. Their customer service is horrible. I did not connect with any of the girls who worked there and they did not care to connect with me. I love the designers they carry in store, but I’m glad that it wasn’t my wedding dress that I was ordering there. After the experience that I had with my bridesmaid dresses, I have had a very negative opinion about this place.

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