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Buyer Beware!!! a “Class Act” is what they proposed. Bud and Linda are an act indeed, but class i think not.
I wish I would have read reviews for this venue
prior to booking. The worst experience ever! Bud and Linda are very “seasoned” personnel and set in their ways.
As a bride/groom, I would advise against using this place. Although a very nice venue, their operations of business are outdated and very much inconvenient. At times rude and moody and other times appear helpful and concern, BIPOLAR. no credit cards or debit cards accepted. They hate communicating via email. Money orders or cashiers checks only. A few days prior to my ceremony my price was increased, even though we were making monthly payments for over a year, we weren’t notified the 2$ increase per person was implemented until 7 days prior to the wedding. We had to come up with an additional $3,000 and were even threaten with cancellation of our wedding and their attorney if we didn’t come up with the final payment before our rehearsal date. I have voicemails from Bud accusing me of trying to “play” him when I have never given this man 1 indication of any such thing, as I stated earlier we made monthly payments for over a year, no defaults. To be accused of this was appalling. Bud and I got into a screaming match on the phone so badly My son had to come out his room to see what was going on. 10pm at night my Fiance and I drove to drop of cashier check to this man, when we could have simply brought him this the following day which was our rehearsal. Receipts/documentations are hand written, not legible, and mailed back weeks after payments sent, because as Linda stated she
” doesn’t get to the post office as often”. Phone calls after normal business hours, sometimes as late as 11pm and if you do not pick up expect at least 4-5 calls back to back. I would never-ever recommend working with this place. I have experienced more anxiety dealing with these two than I have the excitement I should of been for the wedding..Bummer.

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