Lisa and John

Dave was great right from the start! He gave us all of our options and offered us a lot of really awesome deals – he offers a lot of pretty nifty extras if you’re looking for that little extra special touch or surprise without being cheesy. We had a lot of quirky ideas mixed in with the traditional and he went with us and completely accommodated everything. His tool for creating your song request lists is definitely a big plus if you really want to be able to customize your playlist (which is EXACTLY what we wanted!).

Dave kept everything running and managed to fit everything in even when our reception started a bit later than planned (our pictures ran a bit late! :-P) – and even when we handed him a 20 minute slideshow, he made it work! Not only that, he continuously came to find us and keep us informed of whatever was going on and check in to make sure he wasn’t missing anything we really wanted (there was just one song that we’d really wanted to dance to but unfortunately couldn’t get away from the table we talking with when it was playing to make it in time, but that’s our fault for not telling him we particularly wanted to dance to that one!).

Thanks Dave for helping make our day even more memorable and special!

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