Lauren M

I hired Daryl as a photographer for my wedding July 21, 2018. I received several complaints about my photographer the day of the wedding including the following; he stepped ON my mother during the ceremony and was in her way, he flirted with my bridesmaids and guests making them feel incredibly uncomfortable, he discussed prices in front of guests, he argued with the videographer making all guests uncomfortable, talking about his DUI with guests, and socializing when he should have been taking photos. I have several guest photos, and my videographer footage of Daryl standing around in the background with his camera around his neck. I then received the photos the week of August 13th, and they were all over exposed, under exposed, had horrible lighting, blurry, and had awkward cropping done. In addition he failed to get any of the special photos I specifically requested. A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, and I now have no photos from my special day except what was taken from guests iphones. I am absolutely horrified by the lack of professionalism, and as to HOW this photographer even has a job.

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