Kelly & Ross

Ania and Jacek are an amazing married duo themselves that equate to the yin and yang of photography. Both are extremely talented and with the combination of their visions, they can honestly capture beautiful memories that will last a life time. We first chose them because we really liked the packaged deals they offered and the gorgeous albums that come with it. We are so glad we did because everyone is completely blown away with the final results, albums, proof books, retouched photos, etc. Not only were we REALLY happy with the final results, but they were so amazing to work with. They were completely non-invasive but still managed to capture the most precious, perfect moments and facial expressions without ever being noticed by others. They took beautiful pictures of small & unique details that end up making all the difference in picking out your final album/ proof photos. I would recommend these photographers to anyone who wants beautiful, everlasting photos that span well beyond your amazing day!

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