Katherine & Tom Ford

We truly believe that a DJ can make or break your wedding reception, and Spin Doctor DJ made ours great! Having a few years experience in the wedding industry, I knew my husband and I needed a DJ who knew his stuff. Dave played a big part in making our wedding reception unforgettable.

During the planning process, working with Dave was great. He answered all emails quickly and was happy to answer all of my questions. The online organization forms his company uses helped with planning out the reception and music for the evening since I love to stay organized. I met with Dave a few days before to go over all the details about the wedding. He was fantastic making sure we were all set, especially insuring he had perfect pronunciation for the banes of those in our bridal party!

The night of our reception, Dave was fantastic! He directed the whole evening and was great at making sure we knew what to do and what was happening next. Dave did a great job of choosing music that had everyone dancing earlier in the evening and switched over to more club-like music as the evening went on to suit the younger guests ( definitely request the use of “Dave’s Mix”.) Our requirements had been simple but vague – no explicit hip hop or rap and keep people dancing – and he did just that! Our friends still talk about how much fun they had! The dance floor was packed all night!!!

Dave provided us with our music for both cocktail hour and reception, ballroom up lighting, cake up lighting, a floor monogram and “dancing on a cloud.” Every detail was magnificent. Dave has top of the line system equipment and the latest and greatest in special effects. For our up lighting, we started the room of in a gorgeous teal ( one of my wedding colors) and then once the music picked up, the lights changed with the beat of the music. Our cakes looked beautiful thanks to the cake lighting Dave provided. Dave designed our floating floor monogram for us. He gave us a bunch of options to choose from so we could do it ourselves but I trusted his professional eye and I am so glad I did! The best part of the services provided by Spin Doctor DJ was by far the “dancing on a cloud” option. Our first dance was truly magical thanks to Dave.

In conclusion, our wedding would have failed to impress as it did without Dave and Spin Doctor DJ. I would recommend him to everyone……150% recommended. I promise you will not regret your decision!

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