John Hussey

Dear Barbara & Heartbeat,

All I can say is that you and the members of your band were simply outstanding and instrumental (please pardon the pun) in creating a magical experience for everyone who attended … including the staff at The Goodwin!!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, raved about you and how even the normally “non-dancers” felt compelled to get on their feet to join in the genuine fun that everyone said they experienced. Our original impression was that the success of the reception was, in large part, dependent on music. While the venue was important, the best of venues could be negated with inferior entertainment. On the other hand, a less desirable venue would be enhanced by quality entertainment. Therefore, we devoted a considerable amount of time listening to, and comparing, countless groups. As it turned out, yours became the standard by which we compared all others and there simply were none better. Adding a phenominal band to a superb venue meant everything was in place for a tremndous evening — and we weren’t disappointed. You were happy to share the day and we were proud to have you represent us to our friends and families. If there is anything we can do to spread your word, you only have to ask. And please don’t hesitate to do so. I know Jennifer is planning to call you after she returns from her honeymoon. Thank you again for a wonderful evening. Kind regards, JJH

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