Jenny S.

I had been to several Bridal Shops before finding out about this hidden gem on wedding My customer service experience and dress selection had been very poor up until now. After speaking to Barbara ( the owner) on the phone I just knew that I was going to find my dress here. She was extremely helpful and very customer service orientated. When I arrived at the shop, I immediately found several dresses that I could have easily chosen to be the one. Barbara was in the dressing room the entire time helping me in and out of the dress and being there for moral support. After trying on several dresses 10 or so, I narrowed it down to 2. One was much more expensive than the other and I was leaning toward the more expensive one. Barbara did not try and push me on the more expensive dress at all, I thought that was the icing on the cake. I ended up buying the more expensive dress and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank You Barbara for making my experience such a wonderful one. Go here before anywhere else you will save yourself alot of time.

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