I called East West Bridal and made an appointment just to “look” at wedding dresses after not finding anything I liked at David’s Bridal. The bridal store was a little cramped and very small. After viewing their website, I didn’t find one dress I saw on the website in the store. Although, the young girl helping me was extremely nice and patient, I felt there was no real personal touch or structured format of the appointment. It felt more like a free for all. I decided to try on about 5 or 6 dresses and found one I absolutely loved. The quality is much better than David’s Bridal, but you will pay for it, this dress was $1000.00. I spoke with the owner about ordering and delivering times, as I was concerned being my wedding is only 5 months away. He wasn’t very helpful at all, in fact I felt like I was putting him out by ordering my dress ” this late in the game”. He said he wouldn’t be able to get it in till late June…that’s 4 months away….why would it take that long?? Does he want my business? He had the feel of a used car salesman and although I loved the dress and probably won’t find anything I like as much, I wouldn’t buy from him because he seemed very concerned with the money aspect and nothing else.

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