here are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing the Lord Thompson Manor staff, grounds, and proprietors are. My +1 & I were shopping around for a venue in CT and happened upon the Manor. We took a more unconventional route to this decision. In March of ‘09 I asked Andrew if it were possible to have a tour of the property and also spend the weekend in the Cottage House. This is something that they do not usually do but Andrew was willing to accommodate us. The weekend was wonderful, breakfast tasty, the fireplace and the room…beyond!! After we fell in love with the property, operation “get our mothers on board” commenced. It was as if the gods wanted us to be married at the manor. We visited again in early March of ‘10, a snow storm was on deck & a light dusting of snow covered the grounds. Andrew gave a tour of the house as the snow fell outside; when touring the grounds you feel as if you are in another world. From the drive down the tree lined road to the manor rising up and appearing from a distance, the beauty is overwhelming. We then settled in for the night at the main house with fires burning creating the perfect atmosphere. When we woke the next morning it was a winter wonderland. They were SOLD! The Plan worked.

We got married Labor Day Weekend of 2011. From the moment we arrive everything fell into place. All the months of corresponding created the perfect reflection of my vision. The rehearsal dinner was delectable, Chef Mike is a true and consummate professional at his craft. The day of I/we were blown away from the beauty created. It felt like home. Like your family’s summer house that has been opened just for this occasion. The decor, the flowers, the unexpected touches; the “sweetheart” table that Jackie set-up outside as a photo vignette was PERFECT! I really, truly and unequivocally can not say enough about The Lord Thompson Manor.

As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for!” And when the bottom line was shown, it was and it still is worth EVERY LAST PENNY SPENT!!!! If you want an experience that will never again be matched then look no further.

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