Jen & Fernando

We really got much more than we ever anticipated with regards to our video. It is a genuine quality product that represents every element of our wedding day with perfection! We had no idea how the completed video would look becuase the day seemed so chaotic, and yet, when viewing the video it looks flawless, as if everything just flowed elegantly. Everything from the music, to the microphoned voices, to the photo montage and video captured all the feelings and emotions that we went through on our day. We even commented several times that we didn’t even know we were being taped during certain parts that captured very special moments with loved ones and each other. The company was also extremely easy and friendly to work with, making this part of our wedding extremely stress-free. We put our trust in thier expertise, and it was delivered beautifully! We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding keepsake and it was well worth the wait!

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