You’d be better off finding dresses for your wedding at a department store in the nearby mall. They were rude and unprofessional – for example, I called ahead and booked an appointment for a bridesmaid of mine to choose her dress. We checked in at the front desk and were waiting for about ten minutes to be assigned to a consultant. Once we were, she was clearly overwhelmed with a huge wedding party of 20+ individuals who she was supposed to be taking care of single-handed as well as ourselves. We were given a fitting room and provided her with our selections that I wanted my bridesmaid to try on. Thirty minutes later, we were provided two of those dresses but only after searching for our consultant and that huge bridal party taking over the fitting room we had been assigned. My father wanted to sit as we were standing for 40 minutes now but a different consultant spoke harshly to him because she said those seats were for her bride’s family – there were no people with this bride. I was already disappointed with the service but we ended up selecting a dress two hours later (our consultant had to go on break so we had to wait for another). It took three months for her dress to arrive but at least it did and was fine for the event.
Already with low expectations, I am now a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding. She chose dresses but they were discontinued so she had to rush and choose another which is fine. I collected my dress and was told the straps could be attached/detached myself. However, when I bought the dress and tried it on I saw that the straps need to be sewn in. I called David’s Bridal and was told it would be more than twenty dollars to simply to attach the straps I had already bought which came included.. so much money for five minutes of labor and some thread??

I will never recommend this store or chain of stores and the cheap price is clearly reflected in the quality of merchandise and customer service.

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