Gina Pandolfi

Our wedding day was on January 24, 2009. After a year of planning, our wedding day went by SO fast. It was so hard for us to capture every little detail of our special day because we were so busy entertaining our guests. Victor changed all of this for us. My husband and I sat down last week after dinner and watched our wedding video. Within two minutes fo the DVD playing, we were both in tears. I was in complete amazement at how fabulous our video turned out. I didnt think it was possible for a wedding video to turn out SO well. It looked like something staight out of a movie. Victor captured moments that we did not even remember from that day. Glances, comments, and hugs were captured that couldnt possibly be done by our photographer. We didnt even realize how fabulous our wedding really was until we saw our video. Victor is an amazing talent and I honestly feel bad for anybody who DOESN’T choose to have him on thier special day. He is one-of-a-kind!! I will recommend him to ALL of my friends!!!!!

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