Gina Desrochers

February 18th 2017 Wedding
The music on your wedding night really sets the mood for the evening, so having the perfect band was top priority for meI!
I chose the Bales & Gitlin Music band for many reasons, but the minute I spoke to Ginny I knew they would be the ones. She knew, without hesitation, what I wanted to hear and the type of night I wanted to have. I wanted a classy black tie affair, but also a fun and wild night of dancing for all ages, and somehow they achieved it all with the music, it was fantastic!
They played an extended version of L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole for our first dance, and we requested everyone be invited on to the dance floor halfway through, and almost everyone of my guests got up there! I don’t remember ever seeing such a packed dance floor at any wedding I had been to previously. It was packed all night long, and everyone commented on how tasteful and wonderful the music was. This was my most hoped for memory, and one that will never be forgotten now. I truly believe that this band has the gift, so don’t doubt yourself because there are so many bands to choose from. You only need one, and that is the Bales & Gitlin Music band! Thank you again to Ginny and the Band. I wish we could do it all over again 🙂

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