We wanted our wedding day to be perfect, and perfectly “us,” and it was. But the truth is, aside from the groom (hehe), I can imagine the day with different details. Could our day have been just as awesome in a different venue? Ours was perfect, but it’s possible. Could another caterer have made an equally awesome meal? Again, I LOVED our menu, but there’s probably another caterer out there that could have done it.

Could we have gone with another photographer? NO WAY.

From capturing every laugh, every funny little moment (like me holding up an “L” with each hand when my husband started slipping the ring onto the wrong finger), and every perfect shot I asked for to being an incredible source of calm during the day, Candace Jeffery Photography won me over through and through. They also won over every single wedding guest…I’m sure most brides get countless compliments on the day, and on the photos after, but I wonder how many brides can say that every guest mentioned how great the photographers were–DURING the wedding day?!

All you have after your wedding are your own memories and the pictures. If you want to make sure they capture every emotion, every moment, and everything you could ever want, hire Candace Jeffery Photography.

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