Felicia C

My husband and I got married on December 8, 2018. We went and met with the company in March 2017 and decided to go with them and signed a contract. We went with the Premium wedding package which included DJ’s, up lighting, custom monogram, photography with online gallery, a thumb drive, wedding album, videography, a photo booth, and an engagement photo session. We met and did our engagement shoot in November of 2017. In early November of 2018 we were contacted to do a final meeting before our wedding to finalize everything. We attempted to set up a date and didn’t hear from them till after several emails to which they stated that they had been dealing with a family emergency. We agreed that they would contact us via facetime for the meeting and set a date. The time for our appointment came and went and we did not hear for them. Two hours after our meeting was supposed to take place we reached out in an email to inquire about the missed meeting. We did not get a response to our email so we contacted them via text two days later. They responded a while later and said that they again had an emergency and that was why they didn’t make our scheduled meeting. They did say they emailed us saying that they were not going to make the appointment however we did not receive the email till after we had finally gotten a hold of them via text. Finally we rescheduled the meeting and successfully had it. Everything was set to go. On the day of my wedding the photographer text me before she arrived and asked if there was someone that would be able to give her a ride to the venue from where I was getting ready as she was supposed to be there to photograph the bridal party getting ready. She was able to get a ride with the videographer, we just found it a bit odd that a vendor was reaching out to us for a ride. She also showed up a half hour late from when I wanted her to arrive. With her arriving late it pushed the schedule I had back but it all ended up working out it just was not what we had discussed in our final meeting. The day of our wedding as whole was amazing they did a terrific job the day of my wedding. The music and introductions were awesome and the DJ was very interactive. The photographers and videographer captured everything we wanted. I could not have been happier. We were able to see our photos on an online website a little over a month after our wedding which we were happy we got to see them that soon. After this is when we started having problems again. Over the next month (mid-January to mid-February) I had text Connie a couple times about the timeline of when the personalized flash drive, the wedding video and the wedding album that we were supposed to receive would be done. I was given different answers when I would follow up after not hearing back from her, ranging from saying she would have to talk to Dave, to saying she had been ill. On February 16th she said the album was up online and I could look at it and chose a photo for the cover. She also said that it was going to be an additional $150 for it because it was more pages than what was in my contract unless I took some photos out. I approved the extra $150 because I liked the set up and all the pictures that were chosen. I ended up sending them my selection for my album cover on March 2nd. On March 19th I sent another text saying I was checking in to see how everything was going. I was told that they were still working on my video and that they would let me know when they had a shipment date on my album. In April I sent them a couple more texts asking how everything was going and when should I expect my things. I felt like I was getting excuse after excuse about why it was taking so long, from family emergencies, to illnesses or that they were traveling back from Florida. In the beginning of May, after seeing and sharing in our frustration my mother offered to get involved not only for us, but because my brother and his fiancé were also in the process of planning their wedding, so I handed things over to her and let her take charge from there. My mother attempted to contact them and reached the company voicemail. She then attempted to contact them again in the following days after not hearing back from them and now the voicemail was a generic message from the provider instead of the business message she got days before. She was then later contacted by them via text instead of phone call. When my mom spoke to them they hadn’t even ordered my wedding album when I had picked the cover photo and authorized the additional expense for it two months prior. I don’t understand why it took two months to order it. When my mom picked the items up she was told the photo I picked for the cover was too big so they chose a different one to put on the cover. The picture on front is a very nice however being the one who is purchasing it I feel I should have been the one to make the decision on the replacement photo. I finally received everything on May 14th and still had to pay them the $150. The only thing they tried to do to make it better was they printed out about 15 pictures for my mom and I. I will say the job they do on the day of the wedding and the pictures you receive are amazing and better than I could have expected. I understand that emergencies happen and delays come up however when running a business I would think it would be important to be upfront with your customers rather than having the customer track you down after not getting a response. Again, the day of our wedding and the quality of our pictures and videos were great; however lack of communication during planning and follow up are issues that we ran into.

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