I searched high and low for the “perfect dress”. i knew it was out there, and would not stop until i found it. the minute i walked into the Plumed Serpent, i knew i would find my dress there. the owner, alison, met me at the door with such enthusiasm and excitement. she spent a good 20 minutes talking with me about what i wanted, what i envisioned, before she even pulled out some dresses. she gathered together 8 different dresses, all of which i loved. when she zipped up the third dress that i tried on, i knew it was MY dress. Stunning, elegant and perfection all at the same time. the dress was a bit more than i orginally wanted to spend, but it was worth every penny. my experience at the Plumed Serpent, and specifically with Alison, was wonderful, and i send all my friends to her when they are looking for a dress.

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