Awful experience! My maid of honor & I went there at 6:00. There were FOUR girls sitting at the front desk, one was actually texting. I told them I just wanted to try on a couple dresses, nothing major. They told me I couldn’t because they closed in an hour. One of them was nice and said I could probably try on 1 or 2. I said that was totally fine but the other girl said there were only 2 ladies on the floor and they both had clients. She had me make an appt for the following day. Not 1 of those 4 girls could open a dressing room for me? They just thought I’d be there for 2 hours. When I was giving them my info to make an appt, she asked me when my wedding date was. I told her the date (a year & a half away) and one of them replied, “Wow.” in a snotty way. I was pissed. The nicer girl asked me if I had booked my photographer yet and if I was interested in recommendations….REALLY? I said no thanks. So we just walked around for 20 min. I really hated the cheap feel of digging through the bagged dresses just hanging on the racks. I felt like I was digging through them. I saw 3 dresses on statues that I really liked, but they were all $1,150! If I’m going to spend that much on a dress, I’d rather go to a fancy bridal shop and get friendlier service. I won’t ever go back in that place.

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