Desperate Bride

I cant say enough great things. I worked with Barbara via e-mail mostly and have never been so pleased with a service through e-mail. I work generally 12 hour days behind a computer and am not available to make it in during working hours. I needed help ordering bridesmaid gowns for all my girls. At first each would call in and do it. Well, if you have friends like mine, a month later you realize no one has called. So I finally decided to get all the measurements myself and do it. With 5 girls, all on different schedules and different budgets I had a mess of information, ones who wanted to pay themselves and others who are pregnant….none of which live anywhere near me to do this stuff in person. Barbara kept all the inforamtion organized over several days of my girls calling in with piecemeal information. Finally everything was ordered and there she was to update me with everything I needed. Altogether, a fantastic service I received and I couldnt have asked for anyone more friendly.

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