I never realized how much a DJ can make or break a wedding but Dave did everything in his power to make our wedding day special and unique.

I am detail oriented person and using Dave’s website to plan everything out was great. It helped us plan a timeline of how our reception would flow throughout the evening. The website also allowed us to pick out our “must play” and “do not play” song lists. In addition, we also selected a list of songs we liked and wished to be played if time would allow.

This site allowed us to write notes next to the songs if we wished to have had them played at particular times (ie:cocktail hour, dinner, open dance floor, etc). If you did not have a clear vision of your ideal song wish list he also had the lists categorized by several different groupings; most popular songs of different decades, popular traditional wedding songs (father daughter, mother son, bride and groom first dance, and etc). I could continue to babble on how incredibly awesome this website was, but I will move on from this particular aspect of the wedding planning process.

Dave is very organized and knows exactly what he’s doing. Whenever I would email him he would quickly follow up with a response. Two weeks before our wedding day Dave contacted us to go through the entire reception from start to finish. My husband and I live in Rhode Island and were not able to meet with him in person so we set up a time to have a phone/facetime meeting. I was shocked on how many little things I forgot to do. He showed us pictures and examples of things we needed to decide on such as different lighting options.

On our wedding day my husband and I walked into the reception space and were blown away by how beautiful it was and how all of Dave’s little lighting touches transformed the room. Our wedding was during the day so I did not think lights would add anything to our space but I was wrong. Our wedding colors were purple, ivory and silver and he had the back wall lit in violet, our cake was also illuminated… Dave even wore a violet button down shirt to match our decor. To add a personal touch he had two large flat screens that displayed a picture of my husband and I from our engagement shoot.

Throughout the entire reception Dave played all the songs we requested, and if he planned to play a different song he asked ahead first. Nothing came as a surprise. All of our guests raved about the music and great variety of songs played.

My husband and I also chose to have a photo montage played during dinner. We picked out the songs played during that time and the order we wished our pictures to be shown and he made sure all of our pictures were shown within the exact duration of those two songs.

He also created an interesting shoe game that my husband and I participated in during dinner. We stood back to back from one another. We each held one shoe in each hand; one with my shoe the other hand held his shoe. He would ask us questions like; who spends more time in the bathroom, or who was the better driver and we would answer these questions by raising the shoe of the person we personally thought fit as they answered those questions. This game was humorous and was something I’ve never seen at any other wedding. Our guests loved it!

In my opinion our wedding day was perfect. Thank you Dave for being a part of it!

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