My sister had her wedding at the Fox Hill Inn. As said by other reviews here, our guests are still saying how it was one of the most beautiful weddings they’ve ever been to– and we’re all very fussy people. My mother’s first response when I showed her the place (yes, it was my sister’s wedding but we did lots of the planning!) was — your father and I can’t afford such a place. But she was really wrong. I thought the cost was rather inexpensive given the fabulous staff, beautiful setting, and beyond magnificent food. The meal was more like that you would get at a restaurant rather than the institutional type of dish you usually get at weddings. The wedding day was insane rain and wind, but when guests arrived, they quickly forgot the ugly weather with the candlelight and warmth of the Inn. They were also served a glass of champagne upon arrival. I recommend getting the martini bar (although, as part of the bridal party wasn’t able to partake as I would have liked) during the cocktail hour. Also, the dessert table is amazing– and also includes a table with all different types of cordials, liqueurs for all different types of coffee. You can have a wedding at this place that’s high class and elegance and not have to take out a mortgage.

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