Chris Swirski

I had worked with Lam years ago as graphic designers at an ad agency…he always had the keenest of eyes for the visual arts. I recently saw some of his photography when I bumped into him on the train and thought it was top notch. Danielle and I wanted him for our wedding and didn’t give him a whole lot of time to think about it…but he came through with the decision to do it the following day. Through the whole process both Lam and Carmen were meticulous in getting the right shots…they went everywhere we went (in super hot, sticky weather) to get some of our favorite unique and candid shots….and knocked the traditional ones “out of the park” by making those even more artistic than we thought. The compositions, lighting and exposures are simply breathtaking. When Danielle was in the Limo on the way to the ceremony, Lam even “raced” the limo with his car to take shots of the bride’s maids with the window rolled down. Now thats dedication to your vision! We’ve got nothing but AAA+ comments from everyone who has seen the photos. Even some people who had wished they used him for their wedding. The price was very reasonable, in fact, I feel we got alot more than what we paid for. Their attention to detail and the efforts to communicate with us to get the best possible product….unheard of. I can say more but I don’t want to oversell his work…just see his link and you’ll see for yourself.

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