Bride's Mom

Barbara at Bridal Bells was very helpful from the beginning. My daughter was able to find a gown she loved on the discontinued rack, which saved quite a bit of money. Due to health issues, by the time of the wedding it needed a lot of altering, which did not cost me nearly what I thought it might. In fact I was afraid that we would have to start with a new gown, but that was not necessary and the finished gown looked beautiful

I would like to note that I have heard of wedding parties where the dresses were all ordered too large, resulting in costly alterations. However at Bridal Bells, all of the dresses were very close to the girls’ sizes, needing only minor, inexpensive alterations.

Barbara also helped us to chose a style of bridesmaid dress which was flattering to all the girls in the wedding, whatever their figure type. They all looked beautiful and loved the dress.

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