Our September 27, 2003 Wedding
We decided to hire a coordinator so that the details we so carefully planned for our wedding day would not be forgotten. When we met with Heidi we knew she was the right person for the job!
Heidi attended our final vendor meetings with us, took notes, asked questions, made sure to double check that each detail was taken care of ahead of time.

She came to our rehearsal at the church, assisted us in decorating the church, and made sure to keep all of us (especially nervous me!) where we needed to be and when….which was great because come wedding time…I blanked.

The morning of our wedding, Heidi arrived earlier than promised. Which was a godsend…she helped us all to stay on time schedule- and every time I thought I might need something, she was already there with it in hand.

There were, we found out after our honeymoon, several issues that arose during our ceremony and reception. The clearest indicator of how well Heidi did her job is that we NEVER KNEW anything about any of these issues…not until after the fact. She took care of everything for us and no one outside of the particular situations could have known anything was amiss. That is why we had wanted a coordinator in the first place, and we are so glad we chose Heidi!!

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