Bobbi and Pete

Everything was beautiful and elegant. The service staff was polite and friendly. The food was excellent. However, the communication skills and personality of the “Wedding Coordinator” left much to be desired. She treated our wedding like it was part of a wedding factory. She did not follow through on the simplist of things (air condition in the bridal suite, types of liquor). She harassed us while we were taking photos, she yelled at the staff infront of our guests, and she told my sister to put her 6 mo. old daughter (flower girl) on the floor and start walking. She had problems returning emails or phone calls leading up to the event and problems following through on what was paid for and ordered. If she was not here it would have been everything we dreamed of. The grounds were immaculate, the service staff was top notch, and the ambiance was perfect for a wedding- Just steer clear of the “Wedding Coordinator”

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