LOVED working with Candi!
When I started my wedding planning, I originally thought that flowers weren’t that big of a deal to me, and that it wouldn’t be a main focus of the wedding. Then, as the wedding got closer and closer, I realized that I actually had very strong opinions and tastes when it came to flowers. I took to less structured flowers in favor of “filler” flowers, and irregularly shaped/wild flower looks. I became frustrated in my searches for pictures to really capture the feel I was going for. I couldn’t seem to find ANY wedding pictures out of thousands that hit the nail on the head. I ended up contacting Candi after seeing her wonderful reviews on a few online sites. I had a lot of confidence that she was the right person to work with. I was 100% spot on with this feeling. After months of stressful, decision after decision wedding planning, the flowers were the first part of the wedding planning that I truly truly enjoyed (no strings attached), and a great deal of this was because of Candi. She was absolutely phenomenal with brainstorming ideas and getting me to really pinpoint exactly what I was looking for and envisioning. Her technique of narrowing down my tastes was really impressive and fun from my perspective. It was almost like 20 questions (where you start with general questions, and then get more specific and closer to the right answer as time goes on). I told her what I liked and didn’t like, and she would then show me 4-5 pictures and ask my thoughts on them (ex: Do you like this bouquet shape, or this one better? Do you like the height of these arrangements, or these arrangements? Which color scheme do you like best?) In this way, even if we couldn’t find an exact picture of what I wanted, she was able to take pieces from a lot of different pictures and figure out what to do. One morning, we literally spent 4 hours emailing back and forth (pictures, Word files filled with answers she had asked, ideas, etc). It was really fun, and it was nice to be able to have input and really feel like we were creating something together. The whole time, I really had faith that she was understanding what I wanted. She also came up with two WONDERFULLY awesome ideas for the reception decorations. For the centerpiece in the main foyer she created a gorgeous stacked wood crate display with burlap flowing down, and small vases of flowers scattered on different levels. It was one of the coolest (and most unique) centerpieces I had ever seen. Everyone loved it. She also provided some cake stands made of raw tree discs (with exposed bark). That was incredible and exciting as well. It went perfectly with the theme we had (organic, natural, bright, spring) She was really proactive in coming up with ideas, but also really interested and invested in hearing my ideas. I need to wrap this up so my review isn’t miles and miles long. (I could write a lot more about how wonderful my experience was.) Candi was absolutely fabulous in so many ways. She was fantastic with brainstorming, fun to work with, really creative, and really helpful (even offered to call the hotel and cake bakery to settle logistics for me). She was a pleasure to work with, and I guess most importantly…she definitely came through. She made a lot of the pieces and flowers look better than I imagined they would. The centerpieces were beautiful, my bouquet was gorgeous, and even my Dad (who would never comment on flowers) mentioned how much he liked everything. She really hit the nail on the head with the vibe and feel I was going for. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience working with her and the end result. I would recommend Candi without a second thought. She’s a great person to put your confidence in. If you’re on the fence…book her!

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