Angela Dunphy

As my husband and I planned our wedding we knew ONE thing, that the DJK can make or break your event! We’d been to weddings where the DJ seemed to almost intentionally play a “klunker” song right as people were finally getting on the dance floor. We felt that if we were going to spend all this money on our wedding, that we at least wanted to make CERTAIN our guests enjoyed themselves!!

Mike had done my sister’s wedding and I’d never seen so many people dance and have a great time, so he was our obvious choice! Our wedding, on 5/1/09, was the BEST because of Mike and Music in Motion! Mike took care of EVERYTHING! He made sure he had the right version of our wedding song, he handled ALL of our ceremony music, he even reminded me to BREATHE right before the ceremony! Then he did an AMAZING job, getting the crowd excited and up and dancing! Played excellent music all night, just the right timing! It was beyond perfect!

Here’s how good…I’d invited my Boss to the wedding, he’s a nice guy, but VERY old fashioned and difficult to please…when I got back from my honeymoon, he called me to say that he was MOST impressed with our DJ! “That guy did a great job, good timing, nice personality, I’ve never been to a wedding where I liked the DJ before!” And let me tell ya, my boss isn’t one to compliment!!!!

I just LOVE Music in Motion and Mike…they are truly the BEST!!!!

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