I met my husband to be just a few doors down from this store, so I guess it was meant to be!

Even without that, this was the most romantic, warm and charming store I had seen, it was the only place that did not give the impression of a warehouse and a rotating door for it’s clients.

They had a lot of expensive dresses, but they also had dresses that I could afford (under 2,000$) that were beautiful and of good quality. And not once did they push an expensive dress on me, they made sure they met all the criteria I needed.

Lindsay and Beth were courteous, extremely knowledgable and determined to find the right dress for you. (And find it they will).

I was one of the more indecisvie brides, they were more than patient, and if I wasn’t 100% sure about a dress, they found out what could be done or look at another dress altogether.

****They took digital photos and emailed them to me so I could compare all of them at home, something I was really grateful for and found no where else******

Basically here’s how good they were, when I found a dress I wanted at another store that they did not carry, I decided not to buy it and buy what they had. I trusted them that much and they made that good of an impression on me and my mother. When I was thinking of buying the other dress both my mom and I found not being able to buy it from them a major drawback to the dress, crazy as it sounds. They found something even better than what I originally wanted anyway!

They have superb taste, I can’t recommend them enough.

I can’t wait to go back to look at veils and shoes……. oh and my bridesmaids of course! 🙂

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