Alanna Murphy

Posting this to see if anyone has had a similar experience with CT Wedding Group. My fiancée and I scheduled our wedding for 9/4/2020. When corona virus hit, we had to postpone our wedding to 9/3/2021. The Barns gave us such an incredibly hard time about postponing it and they didn’t even want us to change anything. The length of time to even get a response from the venue was incredibly long. I would have to text and email them to get a response, and even once had to post on their Facebook in order to get a call back. Mr. Jennings then had us cancel our wedding for 9/4, and re-schedule it for 9/3 but with lots of new fees and upcharges like charging $4,000 more for the site fee, which increased the price from $6,000 to $10,000 just to use the space, and increasing the per plate amount from $139.95 to $159.95. Originally Mr. Jennings said this was due to the fact that the wedding was now taking place in a new year, but we would not have postponed our wedding if corona virus didn’t hit. I also reached out to CT wedding group to ensure that if legally we could only have 100 guests that we would be charged for 100 guests not our minimum count of 150 – they couldn’t give me a straight answer on that and after speaking to another couple it turned out they were being charged their minimum no matter the regulation. After a lot of consideration, we decided to cancel our wedding because a destination wedding in another state during corona virus was not the right move for us or our families. We had already paid $18,125.00. We gave seven months’ notice of the cancellation. Mr. Jennings offered us $1,000.00 back, which is insulting when you’ve paid so much money. One couple we’ve been talking to is a military veteran who was being deployed before her wedding, and CT Wedding Group refused to return her money. Are other couples struggling with the same issues? The customer service has been terrible, and considering there is a pandemic going on, you would think that a huge venue like CT Wedding Group with multiple wedding sites would treat their couples with respect and understand what a hard decision it is to postpone or cancel your wedding. Luckily, we have since rebooked with a great vendor on Long Island, who is also part of a larger wedding group – and they’re offering full refunds to their couples if they are unable to get married during the pandemic. That is the mark of great customer service, and a wedding venue I would recommend to my family and friends, not a group that takes advantage of people while they’re planning the best day of their lives

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