I went to East West Bridal in Manchester Connecticut my sister who got married last September to look at bridesmaid’s dresses. I had tried on several dresses and we picked out one that she liked, the dress fit me perfectly (size 12) We decided to keep that as a definite option for the dress but wanted to see if any other stores had anything she liked, after two days we returned to E.W bridal to order the dresses. When the owner measured me he told me i could get a 11 and get it taken out or get a 13 and take it in which threw me off because the 12 fit me perfectly, so instead of listening to someone who is supposed to know what he’s talking about i went with the 12 and didn’t have to pay any extra! Then my older sister payed extra for a plus size dress and two times after that the owner tried to charge her more saying it wouldn’t fit when she has a seamstress who measured her perfectly. Basically what it comes down to is the owner is a creep, not very helpful and is only after your money, don’t expect great service once you’ve handed over that check, not that you got it to begin with!

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