A very satisfied Bride and Groom

I had my wedding reception at Fantasia in North Haven Connecticut around the beginning of July. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the day turned out. Everything was lined up and ready where it was suppose to be; the service was great and the food spectacular! I wouldn’t have asked to change a thing, there were very accommodating to our needs and traditions as far as how our wedding should be.
One thing I regret is that it was raining in the morning so the guests did not get to enjoy their cocktail hour in their gorgeous garden in the back. We were fortunate enough that it wasn’t raining when we arrived and we were able to get some beautiful pictures of the two of us in the back by the waterfall, flowers, bridges, and gazebos. Everything was well groomed back there and just an ideal and perfect location so no need to worry about picking a spot for pictures.
Again they are a very well organized staff that can provide you with anything you need and make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. And trust me with the as smoothly as possible part because one of the worst things that could happen to a bride happened to me and they had all the supplies to get me back on my feet and into the hall to celebrate and be happy on my special day with all my family and friends!

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