5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Shoes You'll Love

In our view (and we know we aren’t alone), the wedding shoes are almost as important as the wedding dress. Not only do they speak to the tone of your day, they really give you a chance to show off your own personality style, too. But, if you’re like most brides-to-be, choosing shoes you’ll love from now until “I do” can be somewhat of a challenge, especially when there are so many fabulous options! To help make your hunt for drop-dead-gorgeous bridal shoes easier, follow the 5 key tips below.  A big thank you to one of our favorite wedding photographers in Newport for providing us with these pictures.

Doura_Fowler_Candace_Jeffery_Photography_Nicole0017_low Candace Jeffery Photography

1. Keep your venue in mind: No matter what type of venue you’ve chosen for your Connecticut wedding — whether it’s a barn, a ballroom, or beach — you need to keep your environment in mind when selecting your wedding shoes. Those amazing heels might look amazing on, but can you realistically walk in them on that sandy white shore you’ve picked out for your big day? It’s factors like these that can make a break a purchase.

2. Remember you have to wear them: We get it, those 4 inch heels are totally stunning, but remember that when everything is said and done, you’re the one that’s going to have to walk around in them all day long. So choose wisely and remember that you don’t always have to sacrifice style for comfort — there’s plenty of fab options that cater to the best of both worlds.

Barry_Conti_Candace_Jeffery_Photography_Cat0006_low-e1405967385468 Candace Jeffery Photography

3. Pick a pair you’ll wear again: A great way to ensure that you’ll forever love your wedding shoes is to pick a pair that you’ll wear again and again over the years. Plus, what’s not to love about getting every pennies worth out of one of your most fun wedding buys?

4. Make sure they aren’t super uncomfortable: Once you buy your wedding shoes, make sure to practice wearing them for long periods of time before the big day arrives. This will break them in and clue you in on whether or not they’re comfortable. If they’re digging into your toes within seconds and have you begging for mercy after five minutes, then they probably aren’t the right shoes for your special day. That is, unless you’re a glutton for pain.

Roach_Ress_Candace_Jeffery_Photography_Becca0008_low Candace Jeffery Photography

5. Buy your dress first: It’s a mistake that we’ve seen time and time again – buying the shoes before the dress. There are countless reasons why this is a bad idea, but we’ll go with the most obvious ones— the styles of the dress and the shoes may not mesh at all, they could be the wrong height for your dress length, and the shoe color may totally clash with the dress shade you’ve chosen. To be safe rather than sorry, leave the wedding shoe purchase until after you’ve said “yes” to the dress.

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