5 Easy Tips for Taking Your Best Bridal Selfie

Many girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day and what it will look like. The anticipation leads to a day that sometimes takes years to plan and coordinate. 

Even so, the actual wedding day flies by in a blur. While you want to relish every moment, you get carried away in the excitement, and it’s over before you know it.

Most people choose to hire a wedding photographer to capture the memories before they’re gone, but these photos and videos come out looking formal, posed, and sometimes a bit stiff. This might be okay for a scrapbook, but personalized photos show off your unique touch and individuality. 

Selfies and videos look natural and capture the wedding from your perspective. They’re great for showcasing on social media and they’ll remind you of that magical day forever.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking your best bridal selfie.

Don’t Fear the Filters

Filters add a fun touch of color to your selfie. Some filters will even out your skin tone and perfect your facial features. Brides want to look their best on their wedding day. A subtle, refining filter will help them achieve that.

Your hair, makeup, and dress are all looking flawless. Add a filter with a dull sparkle and light color adjustment to truly shine on your wedding day. 

Some filters are a little bolder. You learn to change hair color on photo article by Facetune, or even edit your nose and eyes. 

Other filters make a statement with words and visual effects. Butterflies, hearts, and balloons are common animated accents on Instagram and Facebook filters. You can also customize your selfie with stickers and GIFs. 

Filters are a cute way to take your selfie up a notch and give it a bit of flare. Your wedding day is full of emotions. Capture them with a selfie and customize them with a cute filter.

Know Your Best Angles

We all love a flattering selfie, but some angles do us more good than others. When you’re taking your bridal selfie, hold your phone or tablet out in front of you. Extend your arms as far as possible to get some distance. A selfie stick is a worthy investment for any wedding day or bridal event. 


Hold the phone above your eye level and always look at the camera, rather than at your own image. This will result in better photos that look focused and flattering. Keep your chin up and slightly turn your head to show off your best angles. 


Take Selfie Videos

Snap as many photos as you like, but don’t hesitate to take selfie-style videos so you can relive these intimate memories later.

Make sure to get plenty of videos of your hair and makeup on this special day. It’s okay to be a little vain on your wedding day. Show off your bridal glow with pride. 

Include the Whole Gang

When you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, take some selfies to capture the excitement. The bridal suite is full of giggles, glamour, and girlfriends, all of which make for great selfie material.


Make a Selfie Station

Selfie-stations are popular entertainment booths at indoor and outdoor weddings. They’re fun attractions that help you create meaningful memories. Your guests can snap some silly shots celebrating your special day. You can share these online or have them printed out for a photo book of memories. 


Superb Selfies on Your Special Day

Professional photos are beautifully staged and remind us of the glamour of our wedding day, while but selfies capture the fun, personable memories. Take tons of selfies, but don’t forget to enjoy the day and live in the moment.

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