The Color Report: Choosing Your 2014 Wedding Colors

When planning for your wedding day, choosing your color palette is one of the most important, and most difficult, decisions to make. The color options are truly endless and everywhere you look there is inspiration for every hue you could ever imagine. Then with all the inspiration comes color trends, themes, location, seasons, etc., etc. that should all be considered before the big decision. So with all this color talk it is easy to feel like you will never survive choosing your color scheme without feeling like your drowning in a sea of rainbow. Trust us, we understand. So sit back, take a deep breath, and let us clear up the wedding color confusion for you. A few simple tips can make all the difference when diving into your color options. Let’s simplify things so you can move on to the next steps for planning your 2014 wedding here in beautiful Connecticut.

Surveying the Color Trends for 2014


Trend forecasting is a huge part of the wedding business, so by the time that January of 2013 arrived, the rumors were already buzzing for the 2014 wedding season. For anyone planning a wedding, that’s a lot to take in and process so far in advance. But we’ve done the research for you and here’s what we’ve found: Bright, vivacious, electric uses of color, color, color! The 2014 wedding season is going to be more about using color than any other year before and combining unique palettes for more original and fun looks. This is good news for brides everywhere because it means more available color options and the opportunity to get creative with your style. However, that said, there are always going to be trends for each given year and you definitely won’t be disappointed with this coming year’s winners.

Light Grey

light grey wedding inspiration board

Bright Aqua

bright aqua wedding inspiration board

Pink Varieties

pink wedding inspiration board

Ombre Purples

ombre purple wedding inspiration board

Monochromatic Mint

mint wedding inspiration board

Sunbaked Shades

red and orange wedding inspiration board

Navy Blue

navy blue wedding inspiration board

Ignoring the Trends


Now that we have the trends out of the way, it’s time to share some news: You can ignore the trends and break the rules. All in all, your wedding day is your day. Everything you select for your wedding should be about you and the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with, so don’t be afraid to throw the trends and rules out the window and embrace your own personal style, taste, and dream. If you want a wedding color that is labeled as “out of season” for your date, don’t fret. Go with what makes you the happiest and fits your vision.

Start with Your Favorite


If you are particularly drawn to a certain color and have been since you could name the colors of the rainbow, then that’s always a good place to start. There is a reason you like that shade and why it has never gotten old. Start with what you love and it will make the process easier. Plus, with going with one of your favorites you’ll be more likely to love it from start to finish. If you don’t have a favorite, then take a good look at what you’ve pulled out of magazines, saved on your desktop, or pinned recently. This will help you narrow down what you’ve been drawn to since the beginning.

Pick Your Blooms


Despite the fact that flowers are now available in many more hues than they once were, picking a bloom for your wedding often helps determine the color scheme. If you are an avid lover of sunflowers and you want to use them in your special day, then consider incorporating yellow as one of your wedding colors. Often your perfect flower can lead you in the direction of your perfect palette.

Consider Patterns, Jewel Tones, and Metals

Of course, all of these things have color schemes, but it is perfectly all right to embrace a pattern, jewel tone, and metal palette instead of a simple color block. More and more, Connecticut brides are opting for chevron, pearls, and gold rather than solid color palettes. When the options available don’t fit what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to branch out and incorporating something new into your look. Who knows, you might start the next wedding trend for Connecticut! So be ready and open to playing with ideas outside the wedding trend box.

Forgetting the Color Scheme Rule


Many brides are under the impression that choosing your wedding colors comes down to selecting anywhere from two-four shades to decorate with and to plan around from the start. However, maybe you shouldn’t have to choose a set color scheme. Every year here in Connecticut, weddings are becoming more eclectic and personalized. That means that choosing a color scheme is not always necessary and that instead you can cater to a look, an era, or a hodge podge of ideas. You don’t have to have a color theme for the look to come together nicely — the details just have to compliment each other. Sometimes it is really surprising how well unique items work together to create a complete wedding day style.


Remember, no matter what color palette you choose (if you choose a color scheme at all) will look perfect in the end. So be true to yourself and your style! The only person you need to please is yourself, so put aside all the things you’ve heard about etiquette and following the rules. The best part of all the wedding planning is enjoying yourself and marrying the love of your life.

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