The 10 Biggest Bridal Beauty Mistakes

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”4830626″]There’s no doubt that a bride wants to look breathtaking on her wedding day. After all, it’s an incredibly special moment in her life — she gets to don her perfect wedding dress, walk down the aisle and exchange vows with the love of her life, and spend the whole day celebrating with her closest friends and family. However, for many brides, those plans to look drop-dead-gorgeous often take an unexpected turn for the worst, especially when one of these top 10 bridal beauty mistakes is committed at the very last moment. Don’t let any of these common mishaps happen to you — so read on and learn what not to do.

VO Photographers

VO Photographers

1. Getting A Spray Tan Right Before The Wedding. 

We get it – nobody wants to look like a ghost in a white dress, but getting a spray tan right before the wedding day is a HUGE HUGE mistake that has plagued many brides over the years. Don’t get us wrong, spray tans are all fine and dandy, but they can go terribly wrong. Think orange skin, streaking, etc. You don’t want that to happen to you, right? Our advice is to try spray tanning several months before your big day and see if it’s a look you can every carry off. If you can totally rock the sunny glow, then opt for a spray tan about a week before the big day. This way it has time to fade to a natural shade before the grand celebration. The same goes for self-tanning lotions and natural sun tanning. Be extra cautious with everything you put on your skin!

2. Trying Out A New Makeup Style On The Day Of The Wedding.

Trying out a new makeup style on the day of the wedding is one of the biggest bridal beauty mistakes that we’ve seen happen over and over again. There’s plenty of time to try out a smoky eye look, firecracker red lips or fake lashes. Your wedding day isn’t the day to get adventurous though. Trust us — don’t do it.

3. Going For A Dramatically Different Look On The Big Day.

Sure, you want to look your best on your wedding day. However, what you don’t want is to look like a completely different person. Many brides think that because it’s a special occasion that it’s a good idea to really cake on the makeup if she doesn’t usually wear much or vice versa. It sounds like a good idea, but it’s truly faulty logic. Amping up your bridal beauty a bit can really enhance your look, but when you opt for a totally different makeup style than you usually wear it can look really odd and you’ll most likely regret it. If you’re a natural makeup girl, embrace your usual style. If you’re a dramatic makeup lover, feel free to keep the glamour for your big day.

Anna Sawin Photography

Anna Sawin Photography

4. Getting A Facial Or Peel Right Before The Wedding.

Photoshop quality skin is something that all brides crave, especially on their big day  — a day that involves lots and lots of photography. Introducing a new beauty routine or getting a facial several months before your wedding is a great way to improve your skin, but where brides enter into risky territory is when they opt for one of those facials right before the wedding. These skin cleansing techniques tend to draw impurities out and redden the skin…not a good look for your wedding photos.

5. Not Booking A Trial Session With Makeup & Hair Artist.

Like we mentioned above, it’s a big beauty mistake to wait until the day of your wedding to try out a new makeup look. This same logic applies if you’re having a professional makeup and hair artist handle this part of your day. The last thing you want is to absolutely hate the way that you look after your makeup and hair has already been done. Chances are, there won’t be time to make changes if there’s something you don’t like. It’s imperative that you book a trial session with this vendor before the big day arrives so you can perfect everything before the wedding day.

6. Not Hiring A Makeup & Hair Artist At All.

Probably one of the biggest bridal beauty mistakes of all is neglecting to hire a makeup and hair artists altogether. Yes, you may do your own hair and makeup every day and you may love your daily look, but on your wedding day it’s really essential to have an expert do your hair and makeup style. They have special tricks for making the makeup last, waterproofing for the inevitable tears, and guaranteeing you look fab in every photo. Plus, you won’t want to be running around like a crazy person trying to finish up your eyeshadow when you should be relaxing and enjoying all the memories in the making.

Jaye Kogut Photography

Jaye Kogut Photography

7. Forgetting About The Eyebrows Until The Day Of.

When so many different details to consider, brides tend to forget about this part of their bridal look — the eyebrows. Bushy, unkempt eyebrows aren’t really becoming on anyone, so make sure to schedule your wax or to go ahead and pluck your brows about a week before the wedding. But, by all means, don’t resort to plucking or waxing the day of or day before the wedding — disasters happen and both methods usually leave the skin inflamed and red for a few days.

8. Opting For Lipstick Or Gloss Rather Than A Lip Stain.

We totally love a fab lipstick or gloss, but your wedding day isn’t the day to rock your favorite. Despite being totally awesome, cream lipsticks or glosses usually wear off quickly, which can be frustrating when you need your look to last from the beginning to end of your timeline. A great way to keep from touching up your lips every 30 minutes is to wear a lip stain instead.

9. Not Using Waterproof Makeup.

They may come when you least expect it, but for most brides, tears do happen at least once during the wedding day. It’s a highly emotional experience! Therefore, it’s pertinent that you make sure to wear all waterproof makeup on your big day. Even if no tears happen, there’s always a chance for rain or — if it’s a summer wedding — sweat. The last thing you want is for your perfect makeup to start running down your face.


Kevin Kelley Photography

10. Going For A Haircut Shortly Before The Wedding.

Getting a trim to rid your locks of dead or split ends before your wedding is one thing; going for brand new haircut is another and is one of the bridal beauty mistakes that’s difficult to overcome in the final hours before “I do.” There are all sorts of scenarios for how a new haircut days before your special day can quickly lead to disaster, but we won’t go into them. We are sure you can imagine ways that a bad haircut could be ruinous. If you want to change your hair before the wedding, make sure you will be 100% happy with the new style and make the change plenty of time before the wedding so you’re stylist can prepare for your bridal look way in advance.

Brides, did you make any bridal beauty mistakes on your big day? If so, share your experiences below!

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