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I was once an overwhelmed bride who didn’t know where to start with the wedding planning or whose advice to take, so I just hopped on Google and got started. There’s even more out there today with the help of sites like Pinterest and wedding planning forums. It’s too much to take into consideration and mull over. What I tell my brides: stay away from those sites. They can be too overwhelming and make you second or third guess yourself. Seek the advice and information from a few trusted sources and keep it simple. You don’t want to create a wedding that is so far from you and your fiance’s personalities just because you saw something trending on Twitter.

Whether you just got engaged and are looking for help from start to finish or you’ve planned all the details already and you just want someone there to implement your big day, I can help. Not sure what you need? No problem. Let’s meet up for coffee or a glass of wine and figure it out together. All of my services are fully customizable and I’ll never pressure you into something you don’t need.

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My husband and I wanted a simple wedding and did most of it DIY, which was great until it started getting closer and became more of a reality about how much there actually was left to do. Carissa and her team primarily helped with setup and day-of duties, and I can't say enough how necessary it was to have them! As much as I'd like to think I can do it all, it would have been impossible. Carissa and her team really pulled everything together and made the whole day seamless! She was always a step ahead of me, making suggestings or offering to take more things off my hands. My friends and family were really impressed with how they managed to keep the whole day running smoothly. I could not imagine my wedding day without Carissa and her team.
Megan Carroll
Carisa was absolutely wonderful! If you're looking for some real peace of mind and want to enjoy your wedding day, please consider giving Carisa a call! I had a very "DIY" wedding, but honestly, there is only so much you can do yourself, especially the day of your wedding. I had no idea what was thinking when I thought I could pull off my wedding day without any help of guidance. Although I was intent on saving money where I could, Carisa's services are so worth it and of great value! Highly recommended from this bride :) Maxine, her assistant was also wonderful and a huge help. Both ladies truly took over and allowed me to be a "guest" at my own wedding. I had an amazing and unforgettable night :) Thank you again, Carisa and Maxine for a job well done!
Corey and Eric
If I could give Carissa a 10/10 I would. She was amazing to work with, and I couldn't be happier with her services. Before the wedding it was very clear that Carissa was a professional, and really knew how to do her job. It started with a very detailed pre-wedding meeting where she took down all the details of my wedding from start to finish. She even took all of our vendor information and contracts and contacted each of them them individually before the wedding to verify everything with them. Also, Carissa came to our rehearsal dinner to help us practice the ceremony, and to collect all of our wedding details for set-up the next day. (mason jars, signs, bottles, table cards, etc). Then came our wedding day... and it POURED. We made the last-minute decision to move everything inside, including the bar and cocktail hour. Carissa made that process seem incredibly easy. When we showed up to do our first-look at our venue, the entire place was set up beautifully. Carissa and her assistant were in total control, and made our wedding look amazing. I would recommend her for your wedding 100% She is worth every penny (and way more in my opinion). There is nothing like showing up to your wedding, eating, dancing, partying, and then leaving without ever having to worry about anything. That's the service that Carissa ultimately provides, and it's really wonderful for the bride and groom.
Nicole & John Steinbach
Carisa helped us plan our wedding and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Every detail was perfect, She was always there to help out with any questions I had (which were quite a few). Even when I was stressed and freaking out she took the time to answer my emails are reassure me everything will be fine. I am so appreciative and would definitely recomment CR Socials to help plan your next event!
Professional, detail oriented, yet relaxed We found Carisa at just the right moment in the wedding planning process. We hired her for the rehearsal and "day of." Just knowing that Carisa would be there was a relief and she handled the rehearsal and "day of " details like the pro she is. Each and every moment was accounted for in her timeline and as a MOB who was involved in the process I apprectiated Carisa's expertise and relaxed manner. Her willingness to accommodate the needs of the bride and groom (and me) were also greatly appreciated. Carisa and her assistant Kat were professional, detail oriented, confident and relaxed. We actually lost count of the number of times we said to ourselves, "Thank God for Carisa."
Best Decision You Will Make If you truly want to be a guest at your wedding, do not pass up hiring Carisa. From the first time we met, she accepted some of my not-so-traditional ideas, and was able to refer me to vendors who may offer what I was looking for. She continuously reassured me that our wedding should be done the way we envisioned it, regardless of what others may think. As a bride on a budget, I was very hesitant to hire a wedding planner, but Carisa ended up not only taking care of all of the paperwork and coordinating all of the vendors, but her referrals ended up SAVING us money. She was always very, very prompt and seemed to never get annoyed, no matter how many questions I had. Our wedding ceremony and reception venue had a planner on site, but knowing Carisa for over a year, I was able to relax on the day of, and not worry about having someone I hardly know take care of the most important details. If you want someone in your corner who you ultimately trust on your wedding day, don't hesitate to hire Carisa.
Nov Bliss I cant say enough about crsocials, and the owner Carisa. My wedding was on Nov26th 2011, and she made every perfect!!!! I was able to breathe, and just leave everything up to her & her staff. All was in place, all was in order to the T. She's so polite, warm, welcoming, and very professional. She has good ideas, but also helps you with your vision, or to pull your vision together. Im so happy I hired her, and will continue to do so for future events.
Jacqueline & Keith's wedding I would definitely have CR Socials again to handle any event. My daughter's wedding day went so smoothly, and it was all because we knew Carisa was there making sure everything was just what the bride and groom wanted. I never worried about a thing and was able to enjoy the day with all the guests. Carisa kept us all calm and there was nothing overlooked. We couldn't have done it without her!
I am currently planning my wedding (June2010) with Carisa and she is great! In the beginning of my engagement ,i was so overwhelmed with all the plans and all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. Carisa stepped right in and made my life so much easier. She is available day and night to help me with anything. She has a great eye for creativity and is truly making my wedding be one of a kind. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. I can now sit back and enjoy the final months to my wedding instead of worrying about all the details. I would not of been able to do it without her! Thank you!!! CR Socials Event Planning
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