Wedding Picture Locations in Hartford, CT

Every couple wants their wedding pictures to capture their special day in the right way. There can be a lot of pressure to not only have beautiful wedding pictures, but unique pictures in different locations. If you are looking for some city chic shots, Hartford Connecticut is the perfect spot to give you a beautiful backdrop.

This week we talked with one of our fabulous photography vendors, Visual Obsession Photographers in Hartford to see some of their favorite locations to take pictures in the capital. In addition to your ceremony and reception, consider a trip to these stunning locations around Hartford as well! Check out some of this serious eye candy:

Trinity College in Hartford not only has gorgeous architecture, but it also has beautiful greenery throughout the grounds.

Hartford City Hall has a vintage romantic feel throughout, and radiant lighting for taking pictures. In addition, there are featured artists and murals on rotation for something different!

Downtown Hartford gives a completely different feel from Trinity College and City Hall, offering a more urban feel. The streets provide a chic canvas!

A great thank you to Visual Obsession Photographers for providing these beautiful wedding pictures and distinctive locations in Hartford CT, and sparking our imagination!

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