PROS: We got married off season and on a Friday so we got a super price for Waterview. The building, grounds, and food were excellent. The staff were very good BEFORE the wedding, when helping us plan the day. ON the wedding day?…well… read below. Heads up- it helps to be proactive with communication between your appointment and your wedding day.

CONS: Our first choice for wedding photographer simply refused to do our wedding reception if we went with Waterview. Apparently he had a bad experience with Waterview’s staff, so bad that he swore off ever working there again. We went with a different photographer. . Biggest complaint that I have is the lack of service to the wedding party as we waited to be introduced. We were in the bridal suite for a good 40 minutes before being introduced into the reception. During those 40 minutes I (groom) really wanted a soft drink. The staff was strangely absent, and the person I finally found told me that it was too close to the time we had to go upstairs so she could not help me. 20 minutes later I asked again and was again refused. The food was left there for us in those Buffet bins, and there was water to drink, but we had very poor service in the bridal suite, We are not big alcohol drinkers but if we were, we would be very disappointed. This immediately made me fear that our guests were getting similar service upstairs. Therefore I interrogated my guests during, and in the days after our wedding about the quality of service they received as guests at Waterview, They all assured me that it was top notch. So I was quite relieved.

Overall we would say that we are very pleased with Waterview and would recommend them for weddings. Just communicate well with them, and don’t expect good service for your wedding party.

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