Wedding Coordinator

Overall the picturesque views and decor of the vineyard was absolutely beautiful! It was such a beautiful place to take pictures, enjoy everyones company and be married to your best friend.

Gloria (the owner) was easy to work with and flexible when an issue came about. A week before the wedding we walked through the venue to find out that the roof of the tent was covered in mold! It was such an eye sore and we paid a lot of money to have a moldy tent on our wedding day. Gloria and Jim were very helpful and flexible solving this problem. They ended up getting chiffon drapes to cover the mold on the roof of the tent.

As much as we loved the venue, the wedding coordinator at Priam Vineyard was very unfriendly and quite frankly rude on our wedding day. She made a huge seen huffing and puffing because her co-worker had opened a bottle of wine for me the bride and my bridesmaids to drink in the bridal suit prior to the ceremony. She told me (the bride) that it was not ours to drink, and that she would be adding it to our tab! REALLY!?! Over a bottle of wine 5 minutes before I was about to walk down the isle to get married. As much as your wedding day is about the atmosphere and the love between you and your partner, it does put a damper on the day when someone that works at the venue is EXTREMELY RUDE to you and your family the entire day of our wedding!

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