The Ultimate Photographer Duo!

When searching for the perfect photographer for the most important day of your life, there are just so many questions that go through your head. Will they see our vision? Will they capture those moments no one else could see? Will they have chemistry with us and the bridal party? Are they legitimately awesome photographers?! You get the picture.. (no pun intended!). The answer is YES. Not only did Tiny Human capture our vision and dreams for our wedding photos, but they captured our hearts as well! They are such an amazing duo- so genuine so charming and so, SO TALENTED. For us, a couple who was about to get married, it was so inspiring to see this husband and wife photographer duo doing what they love with one another. You can see not only how much they love what they do, but also how much they love each other. And they really are incredible at both. The pictures came out BREATHTAKING. We are having the hardest time now trying to decide which ones to frame!

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