Sarah McGann & Lee Davis Wedding85

The Bales Gitlin Band played for our daughter’s wedding on July 19, 2009 at Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park. We could not have been more satisfied. The Band exceeded our expectations in all ways. Ginny was great to work in the planning stages. She offered professional advice, but was very willing to be flexible. She worked with Sarah & Lee to play the music they wanted for the evening. The variety of music was astounding, their talent was tremendous. The Band even worked in a few new songs and renditions at Sarah’s request. The music provided the energy for the party, Ginny kept the evening going from cocktails to the last dance. She coordinated extremely well with the caterer and the photographer. The breaks came at just the right time. There were no awkward gaps, yet the evening was not rushed. She managed the introductions and toasts with such a smoothness that I cannot adequately describe. Best of all, the Band got people dancing that had not danced in years – including the parents of the bride. The guests were thrilled and there was such joy. I am glad to speak by phone to any parents and brides planning a wedding. Ginny can give you my number. Don’t waste your money on a DJ. This is the real deal. Kudos to the Bales Gitlin Band!!

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