Perfect Day!
I used ESTOccasions to plan my seaside wedding in Southern RI in November 2005. My work schedule is very inflexible, and Kia was extremely helpful in taking care of all the details I needed because I was unavailable to meet with vendors. My venue required outside vendors for everything- food, tables and chairs, etc., and Kia’s help was invaluable in contacting, meeting with, and selecting a caterer, rental company, florist, and everything else that was needed. My Sunday brunch wedding was absolutely beautiful- everything was perfectly arranged from the centerpieces to the buffet table, the transition from ceremony to reception was seamless, and guests still tell me what an amazing wedding it was! I tell them I can’t really take credit, all I did was show up! I found it extremely easy to work with Kia; she was always accessible whenever I had a question or wanted to make a change, she took every problem in stride and didn’t get flustered or let me get stressed out. I would absolutely recommend ESTOccasions for planning a wedding. I can’t imagine how frustrating and stressful it would have been without their help!

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