We had the good fortune to see BRB Audiovisual’s work up front when my friend used Bob for her wedding in Connecticut so we had already seen their finished product and were very impressed with the quality, plus we knew how satisfied my friend and her husband had been through their experience. We decided to look into it for our wedding. Bob was very responsive and professional. He drove out to scope out the church at the rehearsal since we were located about an hour from him which we were very happy with since this way we knew he’d already have good ideas of where the best angles would be. The wedding day was great; the cameras were present but never in your face so we were totally able to enjoy our day and feel completely natural and at ease. Even after the wedding we got timely email updates on where the DVDs were in the editing process which was really great. We got our DVDs last week and they came out so beautifully, plus the raw footage DVD of everything filmed is a nice to have for us since there we couldn’t be in all places at once and we wanted to catch every minute. I love that we’ll be able to relive our wedding whenever we want for the rest of our lives!!!

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