We have nothing but good things to say about Chris Volpe Photography. He was professional, yet realistic, and has a great sense of humor. When we were running behind schedule (hair and make-up took too long) and there was not as much time for formal photos as I would’ve liked, he handled it and orchestrated the shoot quickly and beautifully – all while keeping the comments from others (i.e. nervous mother & mother- in-law) at bay. And that was just the formals…

He’s the photographer who will get down on the ground, in the dirt, to get the shot (our wedding was outdoors!). He has great ideas, and is a true artist, so let him do his job and don’t stress about your photos – he knows what he’s doing. And you don’t have to worry about any cheesy “let’s all hold our flowers in a circle for the camera” type-shots, because he’s not going to suggest them! (Though, I’m sure if that’s what you really want, he’d do it!) His style is very natural and documentary, and it works. Do yourself a favor and choose him, because you won’t be disappointed, and you really can relax about your photos, knowing he’s getting all the important shots (and then some).

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