My experience with E.W. Bridal when I first started looking for bridal dresses I first went to Davids Bridal, thinking they have a big name to stand up to they must be ok…they were terrible to me. I left immediately and looked for bridal shops in the area on my gps. saw E.W. bridal and went with it. For my first visit, As I walked in they were extremely helpful. I did not have an appointment and the lady there let myself and my maid of honor try on about 10 different dress each and was extremely helpful to the both of us. We did not buy anything that day but made an appointment to come back. 2nd visit was not what i expected. Rude, pushy, and uneducated new associate. I loved the dress and it was a great price for bridal only $577.00 so i bought it anyways. Asked about alterations and the owner said starting at 15.00. thought to myself not bad. 3rd visit- after getting a call 4 months later that my dress was in, I made an apt. to have a fitting. When I arrived- owner acted like i was bugging him and had no clue i had an appointment. and was not ready for me. He did not help me with my dress or help lace it up, told me he didn’t have anyone to help me. So, i made ANOTHER apt. for the same thing. 4th visit. Very rude, asked what do you want. Told him i had an apt. and again was not ready for me. Took me upstairs where the seamstress was in a no AC room. when it was about 90 degrees outside. spend 2 hours with the seamstress and she couldn’t figure out how to bustle my dress. And shes a professional?? She said she was going to charge me for today and for the hem (which she did not do) and will figure out the bustle later. Went downstairs to pay for today and the hem and it came to $150.00!!! so i paid it thinking that’s what it really cost. went home and called a seamstress and she said i was out of my mind for letting them charge me that. I already felt uncomfortable with her doing my dress, did not seem like she knew what she was doing. I went back to get my dress and told the egotistical owner that i wanted my dress and my money back for the work that was not done. he refunded me most of it back but had to charge me for the seamstresses time, which was fine. big suprize, he was rude again. did not thank me for my purchase, nothing. We asked when my maid of honors dress would be in and he said next month- and then called 3 hours later saying it was there. Unorganized!!!! So we went back again that day to get her dress. I started just looking at the veils hanging there and the owner says to me, “you like that one?” i said yes…and he said “you buy right now, I charge you”. Talk about used car salesman speech!!!
It was not the bridal dress shopping experience i was looking for…but you get what you pay for i guess. cheaply priced dresses and charge you premiums for alterations evan though you bought the dress from them.

Beware, not a great experience at all. will not go back to or recommend!!!

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