So the “one little thing” that went wrong at our June 3, 2011 wedding was the DJ (that was hired 1 year prior to the wedding, with whom we had a signed contract and paid in full prior to the wedding, who also did a walk through 3 days before the wedding) “mixed up the dates” and did not show up. In the midst of my full blown panic attack, our caterer suggested we contact Powerstation, who just happens to have someone on staff for this type of catastrophe. Our hero of the night, Chris Vagnini, showed up under one hour later (the reception was at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT- at least an hour and 15 minute drive from Cheshire CT) and got right to work. He said to me “all I need to know is what kind of music you guys like”- I gave him a short list and an idea of the genre and he was awesome, right from the first song. I gave him the few “must haves”- our wedding song, father-daughter dance song, mother-son song, and grandparents dance- and he took care of the rest. Our guests made requests and Chris played them, which made everyone happy. He faded out any song that may have cleared the dance floor and made sure he had our guests dancing and enjoying themselves all night. Our guests had no idea that there was any DJ issue at all- it was just seamless! I told him that he saved our wedding and it was absolutely true- the music was awesome, he was professional and knew exactly what he was doing and he did an excellent job. Powerstation is amazing and I cannot thank them enough for truly saving our wedding!

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