Nicole Bristol

It was the worst mistake that I have ever made to choose this venue to get married. The venue looks amazing but the management here are thieves!!! They will rob you! They will pinch every penny. Bud and Linda will do anything to get a penny out of you. They make up fees as they go along. When I initially went I told them that I would want to cover the chairs. They said of course. No problem. Once the contract was signed I was told that I either use their old outdated covers or pay the same fee and provide my own covers! That is not in the contract. I had to change my entire color scheme and bridesmaids dresses to accommodate their old ugly silver chairs. Then I felt 10 to a table was too snug for guests. I wanted 8 to a table so guests could have room. Magically another fee not in the contract. $15 per additional table?! I literally had the hardest time planning my wedding and working with these miserable people. So much I didn’t want to hear Buds voice. The day of my wedding he didn’t even allow my emcee that I hired and paid for to announce the tables. He had his own mic and speaker and made announcements even though I asked that he do not. Then when discussing set up and break down I was told 1 hr for both. When it was time to receive my security deposit he deducted $180 stating that people who took down the extensive decor left at 10:30 and the fee is $120 per hour. Lies!!!! I was told 1 hr for break down. Now you are saying there is no time at all to break down? So you should break down your wedding in the middle while guests are still partying??? I assure you this is not the place to have a wedding. You will regret it. As a bride and groom this should be a happy time. They pretend to be nice here at first but once they have your money they are miserable and will make every attempt to get you for every penny they can. They tried to steal my joy at what should be the happiest time of me and my husbands life 😢😢. I wish I could give zero stars!!!

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